Lionmobile Service in White Bear Lake Closes Doors for Service

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WHITE BEAR LAKE — Area seniors took a final joyride on the Lionmobile around the lake last week. 

“We will sure miss this Lionmobile,” said Dorothy Mueller. “Today we are just joyriding.” Four seniors and several staff took a 10-mile ride around White Bear Lake just for sentiment on its final day of operation March 31. 

Lion Lynn Farley was the driver; he’s been driving the bus for about five years. He and six other drivers were paid to drive the Lionmobile. He plans to stay on with the district to drive a school van. 

“I’m going to miss our riders,” he added. He said it was too bad the Lionmobile had to end due to funding constraints. 

The Lionmobile stopped service because of laws regarding how school district funds can be used, said Tara Jebens-Singh, district adult programs coordinator.

The Lionmobile began in 1974. Lion Doug Shepard drove four different Lionmobile vehicles over his 17 years of driving. He said he will miss talking with his riders but will keep busy delivering Meals on Wheels. 

“They are all so nice to us and on time,” said Mueller about the drivers.

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