For your business

Newtrax can help businesses in two distinct ways:  First - We can help with transportation for key company events.  

Secondly - We work with local employers and workforce development organizations to improve access to jobs for residents who lack reliable transportation and work creatively with business leaders to develop unique solutions tailored to specific needs. We utilize our fleet of 15-passenger buses and our professional driver staff; to work with employers to create cost-effective models that can be replicated across other industries or communities.

We assist with worker transportation for the evening (after 4 pm), overnight, and weekend shifts. When your business is in need of transportation for employees, Newtrax is the right choice.

For your faith community

Does your faith community need accessible transportation to services on the weekends or weeknights?

We work with area churches and faith communities to increase access to religious services for people with disabilities, seniors and those who lack reliable transportation. We provide accessible transportation on weekends and evenings, and for special occasions such as caroling or Christmas light tours.

Newtrax can support your transportation needs in a variety of ways. We can use our in-house professional driver staff or offer a volunteer driver program whereby volunteers from your congregation do the driving. We provide necessary background checks, classroom training, and behind-the-wheel instruction so they become certified Newtrax volunteer drivers.

Alternatively, we will facilitate conversations with multiple area faith communities to form a partnership in order to reduce costs to each individual community. For accessible transportation for your faith community, Newtrax is the easy choice.

For your senior residential community

Does the lack of transportation ever get in the way of offering services to your residents?

Today we provide over 1,000 daily rides to vulnerable adults using our expert staff of trained drivers, hands-on vehicle dispatchers, and skilled vehicle maintenance crew. Newtrax owns over 40 accessible 15 passenger buses. We have the capacity to provide regular or special event transportation during the midday (approx. 10:00 am to 12:30 pm), after 4 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.

Want to go see the Christmas Lights? Have a regular outing to varying destinations? Need extra hands and vehicle capacity when traveling to a special event? Newtrax can be your helping hand when transporting residents of your senior residential community.

For your disability residential community

We provide daily transportation for over 600 people with disabilities from home to their worksites at Merrick and PAI. Do you need transportation for a midday medical appointment? An evening outing? Special event? A weekend getaway or transportation to a faith service? Let us serve your resident’s individual needs. We employ drivers trained in defensive driving and working with vulnerable adults, hands-on vehicle dispatchers, and a skilled vehicle maintenance crew. Your transportation and needs are solved with Newtrax.


For more information on any of the Newtrax service offerings, please contact:

Scott Olson - Community Transportation Coordinator

(651) 846-9302