For your faith community

Does your faith community need accessible transportation to services on the weekends or weeknights?

We work with area churches and faith communities to increase access to services and events for people with disabilities, seniors and those who lack reliable transportation. We provide accessible transportation on weekends and evenings, and for special occasions such as caroling or Christmas light tours. We can support your transportation needs in a variety of ways.

Transportation Services for Large Special Services and Events

As we all know, Christmas, Easter and other key services attract larger numbers of attenders.  This can present unique challenges for those organizations who wish to include community members with disabilities or other mobility issues.

Newtrax provides these services through our provided driver services and/or our volunteer driver option (see more below).  No longer do those who are mobily challenged need to be left home for such important services and events in your organization. 

Weekly or Regular Transportation to Worship Services

Newtrax can arrange a weekly/regular loop or route to pick up and drop off valued members of your faith community that require transportation to and from your weekly worship services.  These members can be wheelchair bound, in need of special assistance for safe transportation or they can be able bodied with not other transportation option. 

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Other Possible Newtrax Transportation Applications for Your Faith Community

  • Weekend Services
  • Mid-week Services
  • Baptism Services
  • Holiday Services
  • Fall Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Summer Picnics
  • Annual Member Gatherings
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Youth and Children’s Events (Kids with disabilities)
  • Bible or Summer Camps
  • Weddings
  • Funerals and Memorials Services

Two Different Ways For Faith Communities to Get Transportation Help

Newtrax Professional Driver Program

Newtrax provides both a wheelchair accessible bus for the services needed along with a Newtrax employed, professional bus driver who is trained and certified to work with seniors and those with disabilities. 

Newtrax Volunteer Driver Program

This service is unique to Newtrax where we will still offer wheelchair accessible bus for the services needed but a Certified Volunteer from your organization provides the driving service. 

Under this program option, volunteers from your congregation or organization do the driving in a Newtrax wheelchair accessible bus. We provide necessary background checks, classroom training, and behind-the-wheel instruction so they become certified Newtrax volunteer drivers.

This can reduce the transportation costs to your organization as you will only pay a bus usage fee, rather than paying for a professional Newtrax driver. 

Call Newtrax Now to get a bid on a stand alone event or ongoing transportation services

An Alternate Transportation Option

Alternatively, we can facilitate conversations with multiple area faith communities to form a possible partnership in order to reduce costs to each individual community.

For accessible transportation for your faith community, Newtrax is the easy choice.