Newtrax Coordinated and Suggested Events Coming Soon

In an effort to assist the many different independent and assisted living facilities that we serve and hope to serve, Newtrax is rolling out a new activities program that has two key elements:

  1.  Suggested Events
    In this element of the program, Newtrax staff researches activities in the local area that activity directors simply may not have the time to research on their own.  We then compile a list of these events with some details and offer it up to the event coordinators as new options that could include Newtrax transportation services.
  2. Coordinated Events
    In this element, Newtrax will actually coordinate transportation and be in direct contact with activity directors to help fill buses for certain events.  If only two or three residents from a particular facility wish to attend an event, the trip might get cancelled because of little interest. If Newtrax reaches out to help fill the extra space with residents of other, similar facilities in the area, that event may stay scheduled and become more affordable for each facility because of the shared expense.  Coordinated events could also include events that offer social options for the various facilities to get together and add a fresh social dynamic to their residents.

We hope that this new program will enhance the relationships between our local care facilities and Newtrax for many years to come.